Trainings and screenings  are organized in Europe in french, english and portuguese. Learning to count has been invited to different places : Focus group on participatory budgeting within NECE Network in Berlin (October 2013) Iberic conference on participatory budgeting in Mollina (march 2014) Youth training for democratic projects in Avilès (september 2014) World Forum of Democracy in Strasbourg (november 2014) Assises citoyennes in Grenoble (november 2014) Rencontres professionnelles de la démocratie participative in Lille (november 2014)
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What is participatory budgeting?

Participatory budgeting allows young people to decide how to spend thousands of the city’s budget. In Brighton, the budget could help to start community projects up to 25 000 euros. In Oignies, teenagers have decided up to 100 000 euros for their highschool while in Trofa both community and school are targeted (25 000 euros).

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Besides these differences, participants of the first seminar Learning to count agreed on some key tips : Learning about other PB experiences is useful PB should target both school and overall community Project leaders should be able to evaluate and negotiate the costs for their own project Project leaders should get the possibility to get help for elaborating and marketing their PB project PB projects should be publicized with video and public presentations PB should encourage deliberation with contradictory debate for each proposal Ballot boxes should never be transparent Preferential vote is a good voting method for PB Online vote should secure deliberation Teenagers should decide about the rules when PB targets young people Other good examples are discussed in our project such as Cascais :

Les sessions de participation - Cascais from Learning to count on Vimeo.

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Learning to count gathers different partners : Lycée professionnel Joliot-Curie (Oignies, France) Comité de quartier de l'Hommelet (Roubaix, France) Serendipity Enterprising Solutions CIC (Brighton, UK) The Crew Club (Brighton, UK) Popathon (London, UK) Camara Municipal da Trofa (Trofa, Portugal) In Loco (Portugal) With the support of the european program :  
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Video workshops

Besides seminars gathering participants from 3 countries, we provide help to local communities recording videos for participatory budgeting. It helps to promote PB for the whole community and help voters to understand the importance of each project.
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European seminar

The project gives to teenagers the opportunity to tell their stories with videos and animations with the help of professionnals. The objective is simple : how could teenagers tell their experiences about learning how to spend money? What is relevant when comparing to each other? How could this have an impact of the rules of democracy? Why cities have different rules for participatory budgeting? We organize different european seminars in 2014 to gather and discuss the experiences.
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Learning to count

"Learning to count is a documentary project following teenagers able to spend public money for improving their school or their city. This democratic innovation happens in many countries around Europe and we are shooting in France, Portugal and the UK until December 2014.
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